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KN95 Medical Masks

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AFS Personal Protective Apparel Catalog


KN95 & N95 Medical Masks


AFS Medical has a variety of Medical Mask Styles including KN95 and N95

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Disposable Medical Masks


AFS Medical has a variety of Medical Mask Styles

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Face Shields


AFS Medical has a variety of Protective Face Shields available

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Medical Gowns


AFS Medical Has full Medical Gowns

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Scrubs and Lab Coats


AFS Medical has Scrubs and Lab Coats made with Antimicrobial. Featuring RPET.

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Polyethylene Shoe Cover


AFS Medical has Polyethylene Shoe Covers.

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Disposable Bouffant Caps


AFS Medical has disposable bouffant caps.

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About AFS

      AFS is a USA based business and one of the most innovative suppliers of medical N95 Medical Masks, Medical Gowns and a contemporary custom headwear, apparel, uniforms, aprons, bags and accessories in the United States. We can just about do it all.

    Our antimicrobial formulas have incredibly efficient technology that is surprisingly affordable.
    So, what is an antimicrobial? Well, antimicrobial is a broad term that refers to any compound, including antibiotics, sanitizers, disinfectants, some food preservatives and other substances that act to inhibit the growth of micro-organisms.
    Our antimicrobial agent will last more than 100 industrial washes which makes for a more effective antimicrobial product.
    The process is a combination of proprietary technology and manufacturing techniques which results in a very high degree of antimicrobial and anti-fungal efficacy. It encompasses both bacteriostatic (growth inhibiting) and bacteriocidal (bacteria-inhibiting) properties. It is important to note that the antimicrobial protection does not extend beyond the product and does not prevent disease.
    We have taken extraordinary measures to make our technology protective against numerous bacteria and fungi while at the same time being safe for everyday use.



  • • Do you have certifications?
    Yes, we have both FDA, SGS and CE certifications.
  • • Do you have N95 Medical Masks?
    Yes, we have N95 and KN95 Medical Masks available.
  • • Do you have certification printed on products or boxes?
    Yes, our products include printed certifications.
  • • How can we verify your quality?
    All our products carry an official SGS test report.
  • • What is the Minimum Order Quantity?
    Minimums vary for each product, please contact us for more info on specific products.
  • • What are your Shipping Terms?
    Air and express (DHL, FEDEX, UPS, EMS, etc.). Sea freight delivery is also available.
  • • How can I determine if your certification is legitimate?
    There are numbers on our items that can be referenced on FDA and CE official websites.
  • • Can I have a sample order?
    Yes. Depending on Order size, you may place a sample order to check quality.

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